The Difference of Activity Daily Living (ADL) capability in every Dissabillity’s stage of leper in sampang

Gilang Ramadhan, Gilang (2015) The Difference of Activity Daily Living (ADL) capability in every Dissabillity’s stage of leper in sampang. Fakultas Keperawatan Universitas Airlangga.


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Leprosy is one of chronic disease, spread between people that caused by mycrobacterium leprae, which attack pheriperal nerve, skin, and other body tissue except central nervous system. Sampang had 2 highest distric in leper’s case detections rate, such as Omben had 56 lepers and Sokobanah had 78 lepers. Data from public health office shown that the incidence is high, which means the number of incidence is over 5% from normal indicator. The purpose of this study is to identify the activity daily living (ADL) capability, also analyzed the difference of leper’s ADL capability in sampang. This study were used descriptive analytic. Sample were taken which had disability’s stage 0 by using random sampling, 11 samples from Omben and the others from Sokobanah. The result from total sampling technique shown that sample were taken 6 from Omben and 3 from Sokobanah which all of them had dissability’s stage 1. The other samples were taken 10 from omben and 7 from Sokobanah, all of them were lepers who had dissability’s stage 2. The independent variable of this study were leper’s disability stage, and dependen variable were the ADL’s capability. Data were taken using ADL’s observations list and questionnaire. Data were analyzed using Kruskal-Wallis test with level of significant p<0.05. The result of statistic test shown that, there was difference of ADL’s capability in every stage of dissability p=0.000. It can be concluded that there was difference on every stage of disability among lepers in sampan. So, for the future research are expected to reinforce on data taking also more better choice in cluster technique on sampel taking. Keywords: Stage of disability, Activity daily living’s capability

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